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  • We can represent you in the court administrated probate process after the death of a family member

  • Get expert guidance on the steps to take as the trustee of a family trust and other help with trust administration matters

When a person passes away, with or without a will, it is likely that a court supervised process call probate will be required. The probate process is long and involved and generally legal representation is essential to ensure that the steps are done efficiently and correctly. The first step is determining whether probate is in fact needed. This will depend on the assets that belong to the estate and the credit claims that might be made on the estate. Confluence Law Center specializes in probate work and is ready to guide you through the process. We can help probate estates located anywhere in the state of Oregon. We will ease your burden as you deal with the many questions and issues arising in settling the estate of a loved one. Contact us today to make an appointment.

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If you a parent or grandparent made you the successor trustee of their trust and has recently passed away, you will likely be taking on the role of trustee. Unlike executors of a will, a trustee does not usually need to get court approval to administer the trust. However, to avoid liability it is wise to get some professional guidance when you take on the role of trustee. We can work with you to ensure that the actions you take as trustee are in accordance with state law and correctly adhere to the requirements of the trust. Confluence Law Center will give you the answers you need to set you off on the right foot as a trustee and will be there with help and advice whenever you need it throughout the trust administration process. 


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